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Our Girls Groups, Club de las Mini Chicas and Club de las Chicas of NicaPhoto, provide a safe and supportive environment where our preteen and teenage girls come together to discuss topics related to their lives. The goal is to provide a space that allows the girls to grow to become well informed, empowered young women.

The group touches on themes such as friendship, trust, what it means to be a girl, puberty, adolescents, sexuality, the parent child relationship, unplanned pregnancy and alcohol and drugs. Goal setting and decision making are also included. Fun activities are incorporated including art projects, trust and team building games, and cooking classes.

$45 can buy a child one complete school uniform including shoes.

"If we unleash the potential of the world’s girls and young women, we will unleash a powerful force that will bring lasting change to all corners of the globe."

- Michelle Bachelet, Under-Secretary-General and Executive Director of UN Women